Product News

Our blend is currently sourced from Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia.  These beans have low acidity and nutty, caramel flavours.  We will always choose only Fairtrade purchased and Organically Grown beans.  We also roast a delicious decaf blend, the beans are Fairtrade, Organic, using the Swiss Water decaffeination process.

Our roast sold at Wesley Hill Market and local retail shops is a medium roast.  We have learnt that our beans are at their peak flavour around 2 weeks after the roast.  Beans need to de-gas for around 3 days after roasting, then there is a resting period that varies depending on the beans, the roasting process, equipment used to express the coffee, and individual tastes.   The wood-fired roasting process is different to gas-roasting in this regard.  The de-gassing process happens effectively when the coffee is stored in foil lined packaging with a valve.

We roast small batches frequently to ensure freshness.  As explained above however, the taste of coffee will shift over time, and depending on your taste and equipment used, you may want to experiment with allowing the coffee to rest prior to drinking.

The grind of our coffee sold in retails shops is generally finer than most coffee sold to suit espresso machines, or stove top espresso.  If you buy from the market, we can grind specifically for your coffee making equipment.